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Conforti vs Dinan Chip

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  • Conforti vs Dinan Chip

    Which performance chip do you have (if any), what do you like and dislike about it? I had the Dinan, then got the Conforti and I think the Dinan has better low end response and that the Conforti gives me much better mid-range power (4000-7000 rpm). I dont do drags off the line so naturally I prefer the Conforti. What about you guys? Hope this isnt a repost but I havent seen it in the while that I have been here.

    Mad Mike
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    I recently bought a JC chip only to find that my car already had a Dinan. With the JC my car has a lot more grunt down low but I feel it has lost a little bit up high. It's hard to tell if this is all in my head though. It may only seem this way because with more torque in the lower rpms there isn't as much of peak as I climb past 5000rpm (flatter torque curve now?) Only a couple of dyno pulls would tell. Overall I like the way the JC fells better than the Dinan.


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      I was told that mine has a Dinan chip and gear.
      There definitely is a chip in there(7500 rpm @ gingerman raceway)and is not falling off at high rpm as I was led to expect.
      Car is pretty sluggish till 3400, but i have an unmetered airleak which messes up power delivery. the JC chip seems to be preferred so I may switch after some exhaust enhancement.