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    Guys my car is stock other than 276 284 cams and an exhust. Ive herd good things about iigomotiv chips but was just wondering if thats the best chip. Ive also herd good things about jim comforti chips and i didnt know which to get soo if you could point me in the right directions that would be great thanks.

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    I believe the iigmotiv chip has been putting out better numbers than the JC chip.

    There's a whole forum on ECU/chips... or do a search and save yourself from the wrath of Searchy!


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      iigomotiv has a chip specially designed for upgraded cams (ie. 284/276 or 272/264) which they have just released. First chips are scheduled to be shipped tomorrow. There has been no feedback that I'm aware of for that particular chip yet, just the one optimized for standard 248/248 cams.

      I ordered a chip for the upgraded cams, and it should be shipped tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have impressions about it by mid week.



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        My cars was one of the test cars for the 2.5 with Schricks. MUCH better than the Turner/Jim C "D Mod" chip. The horrible pinging problems are gone and I added some HP to boot.