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    To clear a few things up: You can't just disconnect your AFM, you need the Alpha-N kit. If your engine isn't running right with the Evo 1/2 chip and the Schricks there is probably another problem with your engine becuase that setup should work OK. It will work OK with the stock chip as well.

    You say the engine is suffocating which makes me think you are saying there is power loss at high RPM, but that should not be the case. If anything you should feel a power loss at low RPM and your engine should pull hard at high RPM.

    A stock chip will work and the EVO 1/2 chip you have should work even better. The only pre-made chip I know of for a 2.3L engine with the Schricks is from Iigomotive. This would be a great chip for you but I don't know if it will work with your euro car and on your gas. Their street prepared chip is what you would want But yes, a custom chip is always best.

    HTH -Mike
    "It is needless to say that self-propelling vehicles, like other machines, will never do as much for one who does not understand them as for one who does."


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      Well thanks for all these informations. In fact i had another chip with which engine was working properly but without much power. In fact i would like a chip which match the best with my cams configuration. Programming these would be the best. I saw on internet programmer and clean chip 27C512 for about 150 (190$) But the problem is which program will i choose? I think i will test everyone (tanks to John to propose me some), 'cause it would be quite hazardous to create one or modify one.

      I contact iigomotiv to get more info about their chip. we have 3 sort of gaz, maybe one will match?

      I will see what is MAXX exactly? costs and so on. Alpha N kit is quite expensive!

      To follow...


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        i have the response from iigomotiv (very interesting)
        But as you can read they say that i must be equiped with O2 sensor. Reaching the goal? i think effectively that my own car haven't. But is this easy to install this? And what is its function to the US?
        Why haven't we this sensor in Europe?
        Maybe it is easier to prgram a new chip 27C512?
        I will have to make a choice.

        from iigomotov:
        Hi Lionel,

        98 RON == 93 AKI (the US octane index, AKI = anti-knock index, which is (RON + MM)/2). In other words, your 98 RON is the same as our 93 AKI.

        That said, our chips are designed for systems with O2 sensors -- does your car have this? Most European E30 M3s do not.

        Kindest Regards,
        Jefrem Iwaniw
        i i g o m o t i v


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          I think O2 sensor is lambda sensor in fact...