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  • Insurance Predicament

    *MODS: I know there is an Insurance section, but it said "This forum is not accepting new posts now" when I tried to start a new thread.*

    I moved to NYC last July and left my car down in Maryland for the time being, until I sorted out garage, insurance issues. I want to insure it as a part time vehicle (sometimes referred to as weekend usage), however, I found that most insurance companies require you to be have another registered car for daily driving purposes. Problem is I don't have another car cause I take the Subway to get to work, as alot of you NYCers do.

    My questions is, have any of you from NYC been able to get part time insurance while in a situation similar to mine?

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    Welcome to the forum Kevin!

    The type of insurance qualifications require you to have a 2nd vehicle.
    If you don't, then you cannot. I'm sure there are many people able
    to beat the system. So having a requirement of a physical 2nd vehicle
    makes total sense.

    What you can do is purchase insurance that limits you to a certain
    mileage per year. If you drive your car under 6,000 miles a year
    then you can save a good amount.

    Hope you find a garage that isn't at least double the price of

    Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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      Thanks for the welcome mangus. I've been browsing these boards for quite some time, but have been on the SIG for 6 years now, in addition to other sites as DTM and

      I live in Astoria and have found a nice garage very close to me for $200/mo.

      I have to imagine that there are lots of people in my situation in NYC, where they use public transportation for a majority of their traveling around the city, but have a car that they use once in a while. I wouldn't be driving my car for more than 3-4K miles a year, so it would be hard to justify paying a good amount in premiums for something that I use infrequently.


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        I have limited mileage insurance on my car in the UK. This is the only way round 'occasional' use that I have found too. Out of a 6000 mile allowance, I have only done 2800 so far, with insurance renewal in May.
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