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  • Insurance costs

    How much are you paying for insurance?
    Is your rate due to accidents, tickets, or your age?

    I'm 29 with no tickets/accidents and my yearley insurance cost for my M3 is $800 with full coverage

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    wow....damn you are freakin in nj your rate would probably be close to 2, brother has a 98 m3 "sedan" which are supposed to be cheaper and he is 25 with like 2 accidents on other cars and with the insurance under his own name they wanted like close to like 3,000$ a year. :borgbart:
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      I'm 26, no accidents, ~15 speeding tickets: $1000/yr.


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        $3,800! No accidents. Don't ask! :sosad:

        Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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          Insurance costs

          I am 33, no tickets or accidents $750/yr.


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            21 no accidents, no tickets, $800 a year for full coverage. Don't ask me how.
            Justin T.


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              Originally posted by Magnus
              $3,800! No accidents. Don't ask! :sosad:
              I feel your pain bro:cry: :cry:


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                Jeez Manus - I can't help but to ask!!! You can't be driving that thing more than once a week in Manhattan. I thought that would actually get you a lower rate :^)

                As far as my rates go - I'm 29, no tix or accidents, and paying around $800 a year from USAA. I am silly fully covered! (read paranoid about all the uninsured motorists here in Northern CA)

                I recently saw a post about actual replacement or agreed value insurance through a company in New Jersey. This fellow has agreed value of $20,000.00 for $360 a year. Seems worth it not to have to battle with the insurance company for 6-8 months if your car is totalled, God forbid.

                Here is the post from the E30 M3 SIG:

                Just talked to American Collectors Insurance, Inc
                out of New Jersey. They have insurance for track
                driving school with an agreed value on the car.
                Currently, they are looking at moving nation wide
                and will have a decision in a couple of weeks.

                An agreed value of $20,000 on my 1989 M3 was
                $360 a year.

                This sounds like an excellent program. The
                gentleman I talked to was Orlando Moreles at
                800-360-2277 Ext 213. Sounds like he wants to
                hear about how much support for this kind of insurance
                is needed.

                Club Presidents need to talk to him and give him as much
                information as they can.


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                  I pay about $1,400 for full coverage. I'm on my parent's plan and my insurance thinks I'm married. I don't even want to know what it'd be if I was on my own plan.


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                    i actually pay only half of what I pay for the IC!! its crazy

                    the ic is like 720/6 mos
                    the M3 is about 380/6 mos


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                      4200 CAD a year. 21 years old, 1 accident, several speeding tickets tickets. that is absolutely full coverage though.

                      looks better than it runs :/


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                        I just "moved" to PA because my NJ insurance was so high. Under my father's corporate policy the M3 was ~$1750 a year. No accidents/tickets on my or any of the employees records in the last 15 years.

                        Once in PA, I insured the M3 an my 96 sebring beater for $1000/yr on my own policy (I'm 21). I was pretty surprised. I'm scared to know what Geico will do if I get an points or accidents though.


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                          Who are you insured with? American Collectors, Hagerty, State Farm, Grundy..etc?
                          How much is your 'Stated Value' or 'Agreed Value'?
                          How much are you paying a year?

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                            American collectors:

                            agreed value of 30k

                            5k mile a year limit, 250 bucks a year :jakeroutine:


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                              Hi guys,
                              In Spain, there are insurance companies that specialize in classic cars, you agree that after 20 years of the old car.
                              It takes several requirements:
                              -Having a car on your behalf, with insurance to your name too.
                              -Less than 5k miles annually.
                              The sleeping-car garage.
                              In theory, the vehicle can only leave for parades, rallies Classic concentrations or to test the car!
                              120 Euros per year.