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  • questions for parts and insurance

    hi all,please may you help me as im trying to buy some new brakes for my M3 and i would like to no of where i can pick some up for cheap as i dont have much money at the min but as you all no,you need to drive your car and not just let it sit in a garage any help would be very appreiciated on different companys

    and sorry just one more,im trying to find another insurance company who may insure me as im paying over the top at the min im 24 years old and i live in jersey channel islands is there any one in the same situation as me as most companys will not insure under 25 on such a high power car thanks for any help i may get hope to here from use

    jayripcurl:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
    Do it fast or not atall!

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    Do it fast or not atall!


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      i cant really help you too much, other than to say that i am under 20 years old and AAA had no problem covering me in my M3. In fact the M3 was cheaper for me to insure than most of the other cars i was looking at buying, even though the M3 was the fastest and most powerfull.


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        Some periods or commas will help break apart your post so we can read it easier. I am not 100% on the brakes either maybe or check the links page at the top for different vendors. But I am 21 and have no issues with insurance and it isn't over the top. Its through State Farm. Other then that good luck w/ finding your parts.


        - Kyle


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          I'm 22 and have no problems with insurance either. Then again i've miraculously managed to stay ticket and wreck free, and I also see you're at 2.5L displacement, which may or may not be a big deal if you told them about it. Typically the insurance companies don't worry about the ol' e30 m3 because it's a naturally aspirated four cylinder.
          As far as brakes...don't know what you need but I just replaced pads and rotors all around for $320 buy-it-now from FCP Groton on ebay. Pads were PBR (Axxis) Ultimate Ceramic and rotors were Zimmerman cross-drilled (similar to Turner's package). It's not a bad deal for a slight upgrade, but I wouldn't get cross-drilled if you plan on tracking it. I don't track mine so this set-up will work fine for street, and I can't stand that glorious bmw black brake dust so I had to get ceramic. As far as online parts stores go you might check out Autohausaz. They've got a fairly wide selection of pads but only the BALO rotors..usually pretty competitive pricing, but I haven't checked other vendors.