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Removing the interior help.

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  • Removing the interior help.

    Guys my cars interior is going in friday to be trimmed in leather. Trouble is I have to strip it out of the car first. Any hints? I'm a bit concerned about the door panels and seats (i guess thats all of it then).
    Any hints greatly appreciatted. How does the elctric mirror switch disconnect? Is it only the one screw under the door handle/rest that hoilds in it place and are the rest poppers? Oh so many questions will it be worth it I wonder?


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    The door panel:
    1. under the armrest remove two large phillips head screws,
    2. the mirror switch comes out by prying it with a little thin
    standard screwdriver then disconnect it by pulling it apart
    (there is one more phillips head screw deep inside behind the
    3. using your hands grab the bottom of the door panel and pull firmly
    untill the panel pops off,
    4. unscrew the plastic lock plunger on the top of the panel,
    5. with firm pressure push the door lock handle to the side (i dont
    remember which way, but it will slide out)
    6.after the panel is loose swing the bottom out and push the panel up
    so the clips close to the window fuzz come out.

    Passenger panel is the same as the drivers side except for the mirror switch(but you still have to pry the plastic cover off.

    remove the front seats by unbolting them from the floor, I think it is 17mm.

    Rear seats:
    Base: pull firmly on the bottom of the seat about 6-10 inches from the side, there are only these two clips holding the base in.

    upright backrest: in the corner lift up a flap of vinyl and remove the 8 or 10mm bolt on each side, then pull the seat straight up(watch the metal tangs when removing the seat from the car to avoid scratching the paint on the way out and in!!)

    1/4 panels:
    Pop the plactis rivits which are closest to the door by firmly pulling on thepanel and lift the panel out the same way the front door panels were removed.

    I hope this helps!


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      thats great, thanks alot. I'll let you know how I get on.



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        the e30 m3 interior is one of the easiest interiors to get out, when you put it back in you might need to buy a few plastic clips from the dealer to replace ones that have snapped on the door cards. just carefully unscrew the screws and you will be able to feel if you have missed one, just be careful and everything will be fine. i have replaced my interior twice and have now got it all sitting in my lounge for sale, unfortunalty i sold my leather interior a while ago.


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          Thanks guys its out and away for trimming. Nicky I printed off your list and followed it to the word excellent, 30mins and the inside was stripped.


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            I'm glad you were able to post your question and recieve help, thats what this board is here for


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              Does any one know the part number for the plastic clips that hold on the door cards as mentioned above? I will need to remove my door cards and want to have a couple on hand in case they are needed before i even start.

              Thank you,