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  • Boring interior


    has anyone tried to fit either the center console or the cupholder/e-brake console from an 36 into their car? Hell, how about the whole friggin dash. I guess I've been to lazy to even check out the dimensions but it was just a thought. Let me know what you think as well as any other ways to spice up the interior.
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    Some Sage, Basil and Cinnamin would totally spice'n up and old looking interior.


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      The E36 Dash is to wide to fit, and requires a large amount of modification. I want to say I've seen it done once, but only once.
      The HVAC controls would be a royal pain to integrate into the E30 system as I think the ones on the E36 are all electronic.
      OBC swap would also be difficult.

      Chris L.

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        I have tried it


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          Now this is just my opinion, but I think the E36 dash is hideous. Tiny guages, ugly vents, ill-fitting glovebox door etc. Oh well, to each his own. Console is an improvement, though
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            :idea: NEON! :jedi:
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              Hey Jan (Denmark)

              I haven't even looked at an e36 center console up close. Was it tough to fit in your car? Does it bolt in the same way as the e30 console does?
              "Condoms break baby, Deal with it."

              - Max Weinberg