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Which Cd player best compliments the interior?

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    And Nakamichi and Alpine are a little higher quality than the average ehad unit. Pioneer is good, but I just don't consider them as quality as the other two...

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      Originally posted by PrinceE30
      Alpine and Nakamichi are the ONLY ways to go. The colors are perfect and slightly subdued. You can't go wrong.

      Denon is dead on, but it comes with a $1200 dollar price tag, and that's for the cheap one

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        I use to rock an alpine in my vw, bought the m3 wanted the alpine so bad to bring along, but the m3 had a kenwood with the mask feature (turn the car off and it turns around). the kenwoods nice but i would give my left arm for that alpine back.
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          i got a clarion dxz 535 that matches perfectly.

          i'd recommend it to anyone but it only has front and rear pre outs.


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            Why not an original BMW radio With cd from a E34/E36 95-96 . Looks original in colour and buttons. Maybe it isn't top of the range but hey it is an M3 so actually you don't need a radio :rolleyes: