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RECARO SRD material?

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  • RECARO SRD material?

    Any body know where I can get enough to have my rear seats redone with it? OR do you think I can take it some where and they may be able to match it up?

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    Keep the rear seats in leather. Looks fine in my car, plus as comfortable as the SRD's are, they have the worst fabric in the world if you like your interior to look clean. The seats catch and pick up every little piece of lint and dust that gets near them. I gave up trying to clean them up, I can't find anything that picks stuff off the seat. I've been reduced to picking every little speckle off by hand and it's annoying as hell


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      Get one of those sticky roller lint things from wal mart. I have a black suede like (fabric) jacket and it works wonders.


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        lint rollers don't work on my seats. I have actually tried that idea


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          Duct tape rolled backwards on your hand?


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            When I bought my SRD's last year, I asked about the same thing. The SRD material is available to match the front seats seats. Price was around $45-$50/ meter. I plan on doing the rear seat eventually in SRD cloth too-

            1990m3- Do you have any pics of your backseat with the SRD cloth? I'd love to see how they look!

            Don McAdams
            1988 E30 M3
            "E30 M3 Owner & Enthusiast"



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              actually I just have the stock leather back seat, not the SRD cloth. Sorry, guess I wasn't clear on that. But my back seat is black, not tan, so it's probably a little less of a noticable difference.