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cleaned out rear lights, WOW!

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  • cleaned out rear lights, WOW!

    instead of concentrating on the important mechanichal problems i have with my M3
    i focused on the visual

    i took out both rear lights
    removed the bulb panel and washed the plastic lens part
    so much filth in there
    then i wiped the inside of the reflectors with a cotton towel dipped in alcohol
    came out filthy
    cleaned out the bulbs and sand papered the metal contacts that connect to the terminal
    finally i installed them
    they look sooo much better
    much brighter and it looks like a new car
    definatley worth the effort
    took less than an hour

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    cool, another thing to add to the "To Do" list


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      You're saying there was dirt from inside? I thought those tings have pretty tight rubber sealing around them

      - Tire is the other control arm bushing.


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        lots of dirt
        they are tight from the outside of the car
        from the inside they are not that tight
        and just think, over the last 20 years you can pick up a lot of dust
        and the seal is foam, not rubber
        so with age it starts to show some cracks
        and since they inside of the reflector is coated like a mirror
        any dirt wil affect how much light it can reflect

        the biggest difference is now the light is spread out
        not just a small ball of light in the center
        also the bulbs were dirty
        i cleaned them out with alcohol too