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DIY: Independent Fogs

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    The low beam relay should be a 5-prong relay, with both contacts NO (normally open). If you have a 4-prong relay, you have the wrong relay in there and your fog lights will never work.

    Apparently you have a 50/50 chance of having your fog lights or your low beams tied to pin 87b of the low beam relay, regardless of what the ETM says. Apparently you also have a 50/50 chance of having a relay with the other terminal labeled "87", or "87a". So try shorting either of the two 87_ pins to 30. If it works, you guessed correctly. If the low beams stay on all the time, short the other 87_ pin and that should work. You won't melt anything by shorting either of the 87_ pins to 30.



    Originally posted by msjudged1 View Post
    Bring this back from the dead...

    Has anyone found a solution to make this work on a '90?

    I tried jumping relay 30 to 87 and my low beams came on when i re-connected the battery...

    The low beam relay in my car does not have a 87a or 87b.



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      See if you have power at terminal 30 of the fog light relay with the key off. If you do, then connect that terminal to terminal 86 of the fog light relay. You can use a 22or 24 ga wire here. Next, fold or cut off terminal 86 on the relay so it doesn't make contact with the fuse box terminal when the relay is plugged in.

      If you don't have power at terminal 30, then I recommend wiring an external relay that clips on the outside of the fuse box.


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        Thanks for the info....

        I think I'm going to go the external relay route for the independent fogs...
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