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Where to plug in rear side markers

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  • Where to plug in rear side markers

    Ok, I bought some new side markers for my 88m3 and tried to put them on today. The fronts went on, no problem, looks good. The rear...well, they go on fine, but I can't find where you plug them in. I know the wire is really long so it must go at least a foot away from the light. I did not want to start tearing things apart and then find it was in the opposite direction. Does anyone have a picture of where these lights plug in????

    thanks for any help you can give, its getting dark outside and I was hoping to get this done today.

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    Try using a mirror and a light to look for the wire. Then fish it out with a coat hanger. The plug quarter turns and locks into the side markers. I lost one in the rear bumper once when changing a bulb. I just stuffed my hand in there and felt around. Luckily I found it.

    Don't know where it meets the harness but I'd bet it's toward the back where it comes through for the tail lights.


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      here's a picture where the wire goes through the rear valance


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        Thanks for the info and pic.

        Ok, that is just what I needed. I do not have the wires so I did not know what to look for.