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    Originally posted by ///Mflossin
    Thanks!....The CO was set not too long ago and I that is the only thing that I didn't touch. I don't have an EGA to use...
    Now you need to have it checked again as you made changes to the intake.

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      FWIW I had a similar thing going on with my car. Ran perfectly when I bought it in Memphis, sometime during the cross-country trip home to Washington State it started idling up around 1100. Needless to say, I had not been fiddling around under the hood. Based on a post here I turned the CO adjustment/basic idle speed/whatever you call it screw in some. At first it did not "bite" but then after about a turn and a half it fixed the problem. Although the car sounds a bit rich at initial idle. Then I checked the ICV, I didn't hear it buzz, I unplugged it and plugged it back in and then I did hear the buzz, although with the ICV where it is the buzz is muffled and so maybe it was buzzing all along.

      So, I sort of chased the problem around the same way, I have an OK idle around 880, (OK 800 to 900, as if I can read the dash tach any more accurately!) But like Mflossin, my car idles a little faster when warm than on initial start. As a matter of fact I can distinctly see a small step increase in RPM after about 30 seconds of idle. If I understand correctly, the car should idle faster when cold and then slow down like almost every other car on earth when working right...

      Anybody try that DIY CO meter offered by the British outfit that makes the Colortune? Is it any good, can you set the base CO with it?