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car wont start still

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    Here's where I currently am:

    I replaced coil, main relay, cap & rotor and all three reference sensors. The spark plugs, ecu and spark plug cables all work (tested on another car).

    I was working my way through this thread and here's where I am:

    - Coil gets 12v and is putting out 12v when the starter is in position 2.
    - ECU has continuity at pin#1 with the key in the off position.

    When I go to start the car, I have no spark. Not to the engine, not with a spark plug in the wire (pulled out of the block) and not with a screwdriver to the suspension bolts (closest thing to test on).

    I don't know how to bypass the antitheft OBC unit.

    Any other voltages that I should be checking?
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