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M3 difficult to start and sometimes stops

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  • M3 difficult to start and sometimes stops


    For a few days, my engine (2.3 stock with 120 000 km)
    is very difficult to start and sometimes stops when
    at idle. When started, all seems fine.
    I've cleaned the plugs, the air filter but the problem
    is still there.
    Has someone ideas ...
    Temp sensor : which is the one for DME and what must be the value
    ICV ?
    Fuel pump ?
    Fuel filter ?
    Fuel presure regulator ?
    Ignition system

    I have not a lot of knoledge for that toppic, every infomation
    and advice is wellcome.


    [email protected]

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    When it comes to idle problems like this I have to echo the words of Don Fields and recommend having your base idle and CO checked/reset. It's a fairly cheap job at any dealer and the cool part is you usually get a little free troubleshooting along with it if this doesn't correct the problem.

    I don't have an emissions sniffer so if I need to troubleshoot anything like this I usually ask the dealer to reset my base idle and CO. Its a lot cheaper then walking in and asking them to troubleshoot it. A little sneaky maybe, but it works like a charm.

    "What? My bad AFM is making it difficult to adjust the CO? Oh wow, I'd better go replace that. Cheers!"

    Jake Larsen


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      M3 difficult to start and sometimes stops

      Something any more on that theme has incurred me.


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        clean the injectors