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Cutting out in 2nd and 3rd

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  • Cutting out in 2nd and 3rd

    Well if it isn't one thing its another it seems. I was driving today and when I get on it in second and third gear the car is cutting out. It isn't misfiring, its feels like a fuel cutoff. I have a fuel filter that is going on tomorrow, what else should I look for? Is my fuel pump shot? I thought those we're pretty robust?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    When this happens, did you let off and find that your idle was very high? High RPM stutter accompanied with really high idle has been attributed to the blue coolant temp sensor. Check the connector and wiring.

    Jake Larsen


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      Cutting out when you "get on it" suggests insufficient fuel delivery or availability. If the tach does not slam back to zero then immediately back to the correct revs a fueling problem is suspected.
      Does the pump sound louder than normal?

      If you have OEM ignition wires that are pretty old they may be failing under heavy load.

      Change the fuel filter first. Only takes less than 5 mins.

      Stay warm. It is -6F in Iowa.


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        It sounds like a fuel delivery issue to me. Either the pump is going or the filter needs attention. I know your car had been sitting for a while, perhaps some recently stirred debris/particulates in the fuel tank are causing a clogging issue.

        I'd say look at those two items, fix where necessary, get some high quality petrol and run it for a while. Cars usually don't behave well if they've been sitting unused for a while.

        I will own an E30 M3....someday.


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          BTW if the problem persists after the filter change, you'll have to be testing the lift pump as well.
          You want to see 12V at the terninals of both pumps.


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            Hey Mags, I fiddled with the coolant temp sensor per Jake's suggestion and put in the new fuel filter and hadn't had any problems since. For what its worth though, the car had sat for a few months prior and I concluded that it was icky build up- to use the scientific term.

            Whatever the cause, I haven't had the problem since.

            Thanks Steve

            Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :