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  • Proper Idle Speed

    I recently picked up an 88 M3 after quite a bit of hunting. The motor was rebuilt around 7k miles by the previous owner. Anway it seems to idle a bit higher than I was expecting, around 900rpm or so when warm.

    After reading quite a few posts regarding ICV and DME failure I've started to get a bit worried and none of the posts directly mentioned what was a 'good' idle speed.

    (hopes searchy doesn't yell at me )

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    base idle is suppose to be set to 880 +/- 50 rpm

    as described in the archives :rolleyes: :p, to set base idle:

    engine warm, proper operation, no intake leaks, all electrical & AC off, good air filter

    disconnect throttle switch connector from wiring harness

    on harness side of connector insert pins/wires/etc and ground all three pins in the connector together

    adjust base idle, adjusting screw is located between valve cover and fuel rail just above the "M" in the "BMW M Power" lettering on the valve cover

    technically you would do a throttle body air screw synch and set the CO afterward, then recheck the base idle again
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      I'd also perform a valve adjustment before the 3 procedures that TeamM3 mentioned. These adjustments are really important to get an S14 running right.



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