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rough idle at start up...

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  • rough idle at start up...

    I did a search and couldn't find anything particular to this instance. When I start the car idles kind of strange like it wants to stall until it warms up and then it idles solid as a rock. Does this sound like intake manifold gasket(s) to you guy's? Thanks in advance!

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    Could be a lot of things.
    1, unmetered airleak via a gap from shrinking air seal... seal expands once warm.
    2, Base CO out of spec.
    3, bad O2 sensor/heater circuit.
    4 Carbon on the back of the intake valves and in chamber soaking up raw fuel.
    5, dirty/clogged injectors that may be p8ssing instead of a fine spray.... that is poorly atomised fuel being presented to the plugs.
    6, worn plugs.
    7, poor ign wires
    8, poor ign cap and rotor.
    9, clogged air filter.
    10, clogged ICV motor.
    11 stick AFM flap.
    12 ad nauseum....

    Ie.... Tune up.


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      thanks for the reply. $1000 later and the car runs like a gem. Motor and tranny mounts are exhaust manifold gaskets/studs/alignment on aggressive stock side. Idle issue was the o2 sensor.