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car died on me, need help

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  • car died on me, need help

    hi guys,

    this is my first real post with real problems. A couple of nights ago driving home i noticed my temp is going way up. Pull on the side of the road and popped the hood. I noticed that the radiator hose that goes to the radiator itself has a hole on it. No biggy, i called up my friend and he came over with a knife and some coolant. i shortened the hose than reattached the hose. Wait about half an hour and fill up the coolant.

    Car starts back up and my temp is normal. Back on the road and the same thing happened to me again my temp guage went up, but this time around i lost power and the engine cuts off. The same thing happened to my hose. However this time around there's no more slack on the hose, and not much i could do but watching my coolant went onto the road.

    Got a flat bed and made it home. I got a new hose, but this time my car won't start at all. At first the motor turns, but nothing happens after a couple of tries, i smell gas, so i figure my motor is flooded. Wait about a day then i tried to start the car, but this time is worst, nothing happens at all the motor wouldn't even turn and my OBC reset itself (I just put in new battery 2 weeks ago) I pull the plugs out and notice that they were somewhat wet.

    So where should i start to diagnose? I'm at lost

    1988 E30 M3 Alpinewhite II 2.5L (sold)
    1997 E39 528i Platinum Gray

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    I dont think that sounds too good. You may have blown a head gasket and have hydrolocked the cylinders. Since water is nearly incompressable, the pistons get stuck on the compression stroke. You can take out all of the sparkplugs, disconnect your coil and turn it over. If it goes and water comes out the spark plug holes, you have a blown gasket. You could also have locked the motor up by frying the bearings, however I think this is unlikely unless you ran it at those high temps for a long period. Last but not least, your battery/starter is dead. Also water could have gotten into some wiring when the hose blew causing a short.

    Really, it could be anything but this is a place to start looking first.


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      I would be concerned with exactly how high the temp got....could really have done some damage if it wasn't cooling properly. Ofcourse, I would have to see the car but I would be pretty concerned at this point that you may have seized the engine? I don't want to scare you too badly but that's be the worst case scenario.