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weird idle problem

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  • weird idle problem

    It's done it since I've had the car. When I'm driving or just revving the engine it will idle maybe 300 to 500 rpm to high. I just barely tap the gas and drops to normal. Any ideas. I tried searching and could not find anything.

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    I'd guess the TPS is adjusted too "tight". That is, it only registers idle when the throttle is snapped shut. Try readjusting it, allowing a little more play in the throttel plates before it stops signalling the idle position.



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      There are a couple things that could cause this.

      1) Check your throttle Cable, it might be sticking, or comming out of its housing, this is a very common problem with our cars. I suggest, taking a look there first, and I would spend $5.00 and do the retrofit on them with the cable clips.

      2) Check your ICV, (idle control valve), do a search on this, and you will find out where its located, and how to properly adjust it.

      3) Check everything else...... The TPS (throttle Positioning Switch), might be adjusted too high... However.... I cannot be 100% sure. A lot of people say that you must use very technical methods to adjust the TPS, but from practice and experience I have noticed that if you just turn the TPS, and stop immediately before you hear the TPS click....does the trick.

      Good luck.