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  • OBC Units and clock

    Ok ive searched for a while and havent been able to come up with anything...

    My OBC display is finally working so id like to get it set. Id like to get the display units to standard but i dont know how. a friend told me you hold 2 of the buttons at the same time but didnt remember which ones. Anyone know how to do this? Also, ive tried setting the time, but whenever i turn the car off and back on, the display reads "---- Uhr" again. maybe im not setting it right? does anyone have an owners manual they could get the instructions from for me? or are there instructions online somewhere? Thanks for any help...

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    if I remember it is to hold the AVG MPG button while taking a ballpoint pen and pushing in the reset button (little dimple button at bottom?)


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      thanks petro, you were close but it put me on the right track. you push the avg mpg button to get into that display, then just press and release the reset button to scroll between metric and "mpg" and "m/g". I also figured out setting the clock and date too based on that, although im not sure which order you enter the date (ie month to left of day or month to right of day). :-D