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    Originally posted by evans61 View Post
    until car is shut off. then, just do it again. anytime you want a razor sharp accurate range, just hit range (display will be like 325), then push in the 1 and 1000 at the same time (display will be totally honest volume in liters), then hit the range button (display will be like 255). it really trues it up. i use it all the time like that and it never lets me down.

    Awesome... thanks so much!

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      Since I can't start new thread in here I will post here on this one.
      Anyone know the pin out voltages of the OBC plug? Not the coding plug but the input plug from the instrument cluster (green color)

      I get voltages on the lines I need but it varies and my range function, ave MPG & ave MPH are not working.


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        I haven't seen one OBC post about the text being garbled and running like wet ink. My obc bugs me every time I turn the car on. What am I missing. Sometimes the numbers are perfect and clear and other times, just garbled. It could be a poor connection somewhere as a bump on the side of the glove box area will fix it temporarily.



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          they are known to do that, probably loose conection.