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    Redline says 10W-40. As Ironhead said, these days debating between the top oil brands and almost like saying that the running your tires at 35.23455 PSI will produce the most effective tire wear.

    - Tire is the other control arm bushing.


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      Indeed there are many suitable oils for this engine from several brands. I ran 5-40 for several thousand miles and in my experience with my high mileage s14 @ 190k, I experienced quite a bit of burnoff. In fact I had soo much burnoff I had to closely monitor my oil level. Due to this annoyance I am back where I started using mobil 15-50, I feel it is best for my engine given its age and my driving style. I never did do an oil analysis as my engine is past its prime and on its last leg, and like Ironhead said it would really be irrelevant anyways unless you could compare engines identically.