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Are E30 M3's at a high risk for theft?

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    If somebody really wants your car and you give them an opportunity they will take it. Trust me on this i used to drive for REPO guys. Just lessen the opportunities and invest in a good alarm. Just my .02

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      you guys didnt forget this one?


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        Originally posted by scrv1
        you guys didnt forget this one?

        Son takes dads car. Cops never catch him. They edited the video... watch it closely and you'll see.

        They "caught" him back at his house.

        As all things, M3's are only at risk depending where you live. I wouldn't say an M3 is more at risk than an A4/S4/325ci/etc.

        Just my 2 cents.
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          I don't think they are to at risk, but theres always that chance. The removable steering wheel and battery cut off switch are great ideas. I have a fuel cut off switch on my 914 which prevents it from being stolen.

          Inegtras? PAH! Even I know how to hot wire one of those babies, security system or not (green wire to red wire, all honda's up to a certain year aka all honda's that are targeted for there tuner value are easy to hotwire). Don't worry about it, I would be more concerned with a thief vandalizing it in there frustration trying to steal it (happened to my buddies car) then actually making away with it.
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            For JOYRIDE-perhaps