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Problems with high mileage M3s?

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  • Problems with high mileage M3s?

    Hi, I'm considering to purchase this one. I've seen it on the board and then again on craigslist.


    However, I've just started researching E30 m3s and I'm sure that there are potential problems that I am still unaware of. Although the price is good, I've searched some posts and read that 6K m3s take 20k to restore. I also realize that s14s hurt the wallet when rebuild time comes around.

    If those of you who have more insight can tell me what to look for and questions to ask, that would be great. I'm planning to look at the car on saturday.

    Thanks! This board has been a great asset.

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    Is there a issue with purchasing a high mileaged car?

    There's really 3 issues; the car is meant to drive hard, who is totally honest/or shares
    your exact perspectives, how often is the car serviced?

    The E30 M3 is meant to be enjoyed by real driving
    enthusiasts. Having owners beat on them/ drive
    aggressively is totally natural. So, how do you think
    a long-toothed averagely driven m3 would fare against
    an average highway cruiser of the same age?

    A well driven senior M3 (in mileage) can continue to live
    a very strong and healthy life if proactive maintenance
    and very regular service were performed by the owner/s.

    Whose perspective can we really trust, and are they being 100%
    honest? Even my best friends surprise me.... So, I tend to expect
    people to get it wrong, or give me misinformation. Since I don't have
    the education or training, the only way to protect my investment is to
    take it to a specialist in the field.

    Cover your ass! Have a prepurchase inspection performed on the car by
    someone who is qualified to fix E30 M3s before you buy. If you don't
    have the time to do it right, don't buy it. These old 4 bangers don't work
    on hope.

    Good Luck!

    Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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      Thank you very much for the info Magnus. Can anyone in the Bay Area recommend someone to do a PPI?


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        SBI I think is one everyone talks about?
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          Bill Arnold or Dick Chiang can do a PPI for you and they are both in the SFB area.

          I bet one of them even knows the car.


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            take it to dick chiang at dynospot racing. He's seen plenty of e30 m3's, he'll give you the straight story


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              Oh yeah, I know Dick. Great guy, just talked to him the other day for info.


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                Is he on this board?


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                    SBI is in Los Angeles, Steve. If you're ever in LA and need a shop they'd be a good choice.
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                      I see. Thank You. What does SBI stand for?

                      I'll be contacting Dick again.


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                        SBI - South Bay Independent - They are in Gardena. Really knowledgeable and trustworthy guys.


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                          I'd rather buy a cheap one and restore it. These cars are so old now, that even low milage cars can exhibit numerous problems. Better to start with a "clean slate." It may be more expensive, but that way you'll know exactly what you have when you're done.

                          Having said that, try to get one with good cosmetics as paint is very expensive to set right.
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