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e30 m3 daily driver ?

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  • e30 m3 daily driver ?

    i know the obvious answer to this. An e30m3 as a daily driver?, are you mad?!?!?!?....

    how good is reliabilty, or should i know better being it is an old car and who knows how the car was maintained...
    ---on second thought maybe i should just suck it up and buy an e36 and mod it to holy hell?


    --- get the car and just keep toolin around with it to make it a good daily driver... *possibly engine swap until i can afford a 2nd car and then put the s14 back in...

    who knows maybe ill get this and possibly break down and get a civic? totally trumped, and just going crazy....

    just one more ludacris question, how reliable is the 2.5 stroker, or is it just a ticking time bomb because of what it does to the block...

    thanks, :Apu:
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    wow nobody has anything to say.


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      *possibly engine swap until i can afford a 2nd car and then put the s14 back in...
      I care :sosad:
      It is obvious you don't know what you want.
      There are no reliabilty issues with an e30m3 or s14. You're just buying a 13-17yrold car. So you should take proper procautions to insure that it runs well.

      I suggest that you figure out what car you really like. If it's a e30m3 then have it checked out well and buy one.

      just my 2 cents


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        exactly... i guess if i had to say, well e36's are what i seem to know enough about, i was just curious about e30's.... i mean i love the styling, and the handling abilities of it are in a word phenominal, i dont mind the dated interior, dated meaning by todays standards.

        Chances of me getting a very well maintained e30m3 for what i would be willing to pay are slim to none, unless god happens to smile upon me. 7-10G US is not alot to work with, i understand that...

        but are there any typical host of problems i would experiance, anything that is common such as electrical, or mechanical.

        ... ive thought about getting a junked e30m3 if i could find one and then just go nuts...

        .... with that having been said i would appreciate more input.

        thanks in advance.


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          With a wallet like that I'd say hold off til you can find more. Somone has this idea of a $12k limit? SAVE!



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            your right, id probably be happier with an e36 and things that i am familiar with.

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              Sup Stillnmax! I would save as well. A $52,000 ferrari is usually much different from a $325,000 ferrari. It's about the owner knowledge/passion, market value, car up-keep and proper maintenance. I would save. You're still going to have to pay at least $19k for a great E36 M3. Remember on our drives that no e30's have ever broken down, while we have lost 4 e36's on 3 outings.

              clubracer, it is Brandon's $15k rule. scroll down,

              Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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                It is a good daily driver, but be nice to it

                I have used my mine as a daily driver for almost a year and in the beginning it was expensive to take care of all the deferred maintanence from the first owner, now it is reliable and fun to drive. There will always be something wrong with it that needs attention, you just have to fix it.

                The bad things about having it as a daily: 17-20mpg, expensive insurance, parts are expensive ( m3 stands of 3 )

                Beyond that its great, it gets a lot of attention, and you get over the added expenses and just enjoy it,


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                  mines been a DD for over a year and a half. how does it run? great. but i still rev the holly crud out of it weekly. it needs it. the important thing is to make sure it doesnt idle at low revs for too long and it gets a good carbon cleaning. also take care of all matinence issues. im looking into getting a second car now just becuase I dont want to be driveing the e30 m3 everyday.
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                    M3 1988

                    Hmm.. I've have two e30 M3 so far thinking about get this below this week. Frist one had a 2.5 from an M5 swap had to fix it for the first 4 months till it was running good. Second had about 164k didnt do a pre inspection on the car bought for 8 thinking I was just going to fix it. very big mistake.. After a 4 months the rod started to knock and then failed frezzing the motor.. ending selling it.
                    Love the these cars. The car below has been in the shop for the pass 2years according the ower. So that gives you can get idea about these cars.. Great looking cars! you get a lot of attention down sides parts are rare and hard to find waited weeks simple common parts. .. So make sure you have your back up car close by and deep pockets.
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