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Help your advice on buying E30 M3

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  • Help your advice on buying E30 M3

    After brousing around looking for engines for my project car i have been to see a few M3 and driven them for the first time at speed ,
    I have come to the conclusion that i want to buy one now and give up on my project, i have seen 3 Ceccotto Ltd editions over the weekend and am seriously considering buying one of these models all three are maccou Blue , one has air con , the other two do not ,
    the only problem i have is that most of my friend are running big horse power cosworth fords ( i,ve been there done that boring and too many problems fixing rather than modifying )
    the main reason is that i can drive one of these to the circuit and hopefully home in comfort as well as kick ass on the track

    If i take the dive and buy one i need Torque and horse power to keep with them on some of the longer tracks in this country. i know i will have them on the handling stakes as no ford can even compete in the handling department and i know that for sure having driven both models ( owning 2 400+bhp models )

    what would be your suggestion to make the power gains on the engine fitted to these models, i know there are some guys from england on this site and would welcome any help into converting me to BMW and away from Fix Or Repair Daily ( FORD that is )

    Thanks in advance and keep it hanging
    i have some pics of the project car running Bmw 6 speed box and rear diff housing if some one would post if i email them

    Many thanks Nearly Converted Nick
    Soon to be M3 E30 owner and with anyluck Evo Sport

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    WOW all three of those are rare as hell. I think they made less of the blue then the other colors. If you want HP... build a 2.5 and work the living piss out of it.

    Im not a fan of the motor swaps.


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      sp you wanna go fast huh?

      Well you are looking at the right car model! M3 is great.

      But you may want to consider the E36 version. You can get that whopping 300+ h.p. Euro model right? that oughta do it right there! Toss a couple of nice Dr. Schrick units in there and you are really going to whoop on 'em.

      You are going to be hard pressed to get to 285 h.p. from a 2.5 and not spend a small fortune doing so.

      But more than anything, driver skill will add big h.p. to your car. If you can really shred the corners then you will be very quick in a nicely built E30 M3 but even still, you better get to 270 h.p. or a really killer suspension to hang everywhere.

      Speed costs money. How fast you wanna go? BTW it's "money cubed" to get the spending rate correct against most other cars when building the E30 M3.

      I think your best bet is the E36 this time.



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        Thanks for that Track mans M3 i just love the look of the e30 and love the scream of a four pot , i have an engine Builder who gets 250+ bhp with ease with little mods to our N/A cosworth 2.0 engine and i,am sure we can extract 280+ from the s14 with the cost only being parts which we can source from his suppliers , i have also someone who can install motec system at a good price too, My aim isto get as close to 280 as poss or more if achievable. i have bigger brakes already and would just require suspension for that ultimate setup,

        Going to stick with E30 for sure

        Thanks for all your advise
        Soon to be M3 E30 owner and with anyluck Evo Sport