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    I don't know about the rest of you but the split thigh pad is a must have if I were to go for a racing shell.


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      Shahe, I've never been in a SPG large seat, but I would imagine it would be a better fit for you. I'm 6 foot, 140 lbs and the SPG feels great for my frame. Did you ever get rid of your SRD? I'm looking for one for the passenger side.
      Bryan K.
      Texas A&M Formula SAE


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        Originally posted by Bryan
        ... I'm 6 foot, 140 lbs ...
        Wow Bryan! Eat something! Preferably calorie infested.



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          Lots of my friends and I all have the same
          aproximate frame... 5'10 or so and 185-205 lbs..

          The Evo 2 fits very nicely... it runs $599.
          I decided to save a little cash and went
          with the OMP RS which is $499. I was
          able to go to a local race shop and sit
          in both for 10-15 mins... I highly recommend you try before you buy,
          but as long as your waist size is 33-36,
          the Evo 2 should fit...

          I sat in a friend's Evo 3 and felt like I
          was swimming in it while on the track.

          I bought my seat brackets from here...

          They also sell seats.. I managed to
          use the OMP high mount brackets
          (flipped one around backwards) and
          was able to mount my seat straight to
          the floor after drilling out the holes
          in the front a little and having a shop
          use a press to drill extra holes for the
          rear part of the bracket...

          Originally posted by Sean
          I would love some comments from folks who have Recaro Pole Position or Sparco Evo 2. I am around 200 lbs and need the extra room. Basically just some insight on comfort, quality, etc. Thanks.
          Mark Williams
          Dallas, TX

          Nothing says "welcome to the neighborhood" like a search... oh wait... looks like they are all gone! :rastajake: