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  • EVO-like seats


    Has anyone seen these seats IRL ???

    They look nice IMO ...

    Cheers! Chris

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    that seams to be too good to be true.

    I paid $400 for these seats

    and they are terrible... very uncomfterble (sp?)

    IF you can, I would plant your butt in them for 30 minutes before you buy them... and If they are not super comfy, don't buy them.

    mine were ok, but I only sat in them for 5 minutes. after insalling them, a 20 minute drive became murder.
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      I'm glad you brought that up about your seats, I was looking at them earlier and they struck as being a very attractive seat. The backsupport looks like it would murder me though.


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        Eric - I was about to say the same thing...that seems too good to be true.

        I paid twice as much on my Recaros (SRD) and they're worth every penny. I've driven on them for 2 hours and very very comfy. I'm sure I'm not the only one that could validate this.

        It really comes down to "you get what you pay for" type of a thing.

        Chris - if you don't need the seat now. I would save a little bit more and get the real thing...just a suggestion
        I'd rather be out in my M3 right about now...


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          I can only repeat what has been said on the comfort of these seats .You've got to try before you buy. I'd also think about how well they are likely to be made.If you are doing track days , then I'd stick to a known brand for safety.

          If you are in Holland , then you should be able to pick up a nice set of SRD/Speed Recaro's of German eBay for sensible money.I did.

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            There is no hurry...

            I am just looking for 2 front seats that match the SportEVO seats

            best, as "the real thing" is impossible to get these days

            :sosad: (do not want FK or RECARO in CAPITALS on my seats)

            Thnx 4 the feedback though !

            Rgds, Chris


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              i've heard that the seats from a new r-type civic are essentially the same as evo seats. Anyone know this to be true?


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                It seems that you definitely get what you pay for with seats. The two most common problems with knock-off seats is they are uncomfortable for long drives (or short ones) and the cushions will collapse and lose their support.

                The E3 seats were the Recaro SRDs which are now called Speed. The base MSRP for the Recaro Speed is $595. It looks like the only way for them not to say Recaro on them is to have them reapolstered because all 12 upholstry options on their website have RECARO in constrasting letters
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                  Yes you get what you pay for but the thing is you're getting a lot more value in my opinion because you can always stuff the seats how you want them if you feel they are lacking support.

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                    I have to disagree a little with the statement that you get what you pay for when it comes to seats. Certainly true to some degree but I'm one example where the cheaper seat actually felt better.

                    I don't remember how many seats I've tried but it was well over 20. I started off steering clear of the cheap stuff but eventually sat in a very reasonably priced Cobra Imola 2. I think they start at around $400 here in the UK.

                    You've got to let your butt do the talking on this one.

                    Take care,
                    Jake Larsen