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    Anyone here have SRD seats installed? if so, how do you like them? do they provide better support than our stock seats? anyone have any other seat suggestions if not the srd? thanks!
    1990 e30 m3

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    SRD's are to small for a person that where's a suit sized 44 and up. I personally find the Sparco Evo's or Torino's (spelling?) fit very well.

    There are other brands that sit great, but most are kinda Technopop for my tastes.


    EDIT: In the Sparco's I rest on top of the upper seat area, rather than than feel surrounded/hugged by them. I am unsure if they make a larger size, I have tried 2 sized versions thou.

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      i have the sr's and personaly i fit nicely in them, im a 38 waist and a pretty big guy but it might just be me, alot of others say they feel like there on them up top too. seats are very personal go sit in one for 30 min or longer and see if u like them. konig also has a similar seat thats nice and low key looking

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        i'm 6'3", about 210lbs (more like 220 after x-mas)... i wear a size 36 waist... SRD sound reasonable for this size? i CANNOT comfortably fit in a "Standard" sparco size seat... my hip bones are too wide.... do seats "break in" over time? thanks...
        1990 e30 m3


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          I'm 5'10" and I have a 28 waist. SRD's are a little too wide for me! They are awesome seats though, especailly with cloth, because they are very grippy.
          Bryan K.
          Texas A&M Formula SAE


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            I'm 6ft 220lbs. The SRD's fit me fine! They also seam to MOLD to your body after a little while! it was really one of the best things that I have done to the car!

            The biggest things seams to be the rails!

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              Do the SRD's sit any higher then the stock seats? I also am interested in getting something more supportive for the track.. but being 6'-4" plus helmet, I can't have the seat any higher then the stock seat in the lowest position (I'd like it even lower if possible )
              90 Corrado/91 M3/01 M5


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                im 5-11 34 waist, my srd fits me perfect, it sits a bit lower then stock, altho the head rest is taller then stock, the seat also is wider then stock, but as mike said, it somewhat molds to your body after a bit. it is one of my favorite things about my car, but i can see how a bigger person might have trouble with fitment.
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                  Think of the stock seats as a cheap flank steak and the SRDs as a succulent filet mignon!

                  You will want to try them on for size before buying a set. I'm 6'0, 200lbs with a 34" waist and I fit like a glove.

                  Unless you are a midget, you will certainly want the shorter brackets. They are made by Recaro, so just ask your Recaro dealer for them when you order the seats.

                  As far as support goes, they are great - can you say LUMBAR SUPPORT? My dealer threw in the inflatable lumbar supports for both seats at no charge. No lumbar support was my biggest gripe with the stock seats.

                  Alles Beste!

                  B. Wheaton
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