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Stock seat belts with Race seats?

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    Originally posted by Low Level View Post
    I follow you, and I agree. The point of my post w/ the CSL and standard E46 M3 was to put two basically identical setups up for exhibit --- one being the previously mentioned factory-engineered setup that's regarded as "safe" (the CSL), and the other being an aftermarket setup that replicates the CSL's.

    Shown only the standard E46 M3 setup, many would say immediately that it's not safe - so I'm trying to understand why that's not safe, when the CSL's setup is basically the same.
    BMW and Porsche With their recent products, must be feeling relatively confident about the ability of the passenger compartment to retain it's shape following a heavy collision, or a roll over situation.(check out the crash structure on a Lotus Elise).e
    The passeger cells in these cars are very rigid, with anti intrusion bars, and airbag tech.
    A passenger cell that is extremely rigid will pass on the energy of he collision, to the passengers, instead of absorbing it by collapsing. So it follows that both companies have developed the engine compartment and the trunk compartments to be the aborbent components for the energy from a crash, as well as keeping the engine from penetrating into the passenger cell. Perhaps that is why their hardcore track offerings appear to have dubious appearing safety equippe. They probably expect that the owners of these cars will add aftermarket safety equipment.

    The human body cannot tolerate too much trauma, so in the end, safety is never absolute, but some (fitter people without congenital physical defects (say you unknowingly have a vertebra in your neck that is weak) wil be able to survive better than others.



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      Originally posted by LeeVuong View Post
      I have seen Porsche GT3 cars with high bolstered raceseats that did not were much different from what most of us have. They only passed the lower belt thru the side opening and the system was legit.
      Thats exactly what I was thinking reading this thread.

      My Opinion has always been that the following are OK combos

      1) Standard seats and 3 point
      2) Fixed backs and 3 points
      3) Fixed backs and 6 points AND rollcage

      Anything else is NOT.