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  • child seats?

    Now that I am seriously considering an e30 M3, I also am curious as to their functionability in carting children around. I pick up my 5 year old from kindergarten every day, and would like to be able to drive the M3 occasionally to work and then to pick him from school. I have one of those slick Recaro car seats that you can easily move from vehicle to vehicle. I don't think it will be too much of a probkem, just slide the passenger seat forward a little bit, strap him in and good to go. But would really like some opinions of those who are also playing the Mr Mom role. Thanks much.

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    I have not use my e30 for carting the kids. I do use my e36 M. My kids are in booster seats now. My main concern is they tend to slide on the leather seats. I would recommend getting some of the non slip stuff for rugs that you put on the floor to keep them from slipping.

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      I pick up my 3 year old all the time from daycare, and we rip around on the weekend together and have never had an issue with the car seat slipping on the leather. He is in a booster and we use one of those seat belt lockers to lock the belt, and all is well. Its actually easier to get the seat in the M3 than the e46 wagon we have, and we both enjoy the ride so much more:smile2: