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Do race seats with head protection fit

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  • Do race seats with head protection fit

    Has anyone tried to fit a seat like the Sparco Circuit seat in our cars?

    1989 Diamond Black M3
    2004 Jet Black 330i ClubSport

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    I think vodoomagoo has a similar seat in his car.



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      They are a pretty tight fit into an E30.

      I have the Recaro Pro Racer.
      Its pretty much slammed to the floor, and my cage is tight up to the roof and B pillars and it barely fits.
      My window net actually touches the outboard head protector.

      If you have a sunroof & headliner before your cage main hoop & halo, I'd say no way its fitting.

      jimmy p
      jimmy p.
      87 E30 M3 Prodrive British Touring Car
      88 E30 M3 Zinnoberot - Street
      88 E30 M3 Lachsilber - Race (#98 SCCA SPU)
      92 E30 M Technic Cabrio - S14 POWERED!
      98 318Ti M44, Base - Morea Green
      04 Ford F350 - V10


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        I've used the Pro Racer also in my old track car. The mounting system was VAC mounts, & Sparco sliders. My car had a welded in Autopower cage & complete headliner / sun roof.

        At 5'10" w/ HANs device I had no problems, nor did my buddy at 6'3". We never rolled up windows, I would suspect they would rub.

        I would suggest a QR steering wheel because getting in & out was a pain.

        Mike K.