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Recaro SRD installation with Speedware Motorsport brackets

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  • Recaro SRD installation with Speedware Motorsport brackets


    I finished the installation of two Recaro SRD (or SR as they are called here in Europe) this week. As I have had some questions about the Speedware Motorsport brackets I will post a small installation write up here.

    At first I bought a set of original Recaro adapters, but I was touching the roof with my (big) head. As an alternative I went with the Recaro universal sliders and the Speedware brackets. You need the non height adjustable Recaro sliders to work with these brackets.

    I imported the brackets from the USA (thanks again Gary!). The Recaro slider cost EUR 79 and the brackets $100 a piece...

    After installation I am sitting a tad lower than with the original seat in the lowest position.

    The brackets have a nice quality and are nicely welded. They are lighter than the original seat setup, so you will save some weight too!

    Installation is hassle free. Some remarks: when I mounted the brackets to the Recaro sliders it became apparent that a flush fit is not possible. You will need to shim the front mounting point a bit to remove tension in the installation.

    A nice thing about the standard seat is that they have a tilt adjustment. IMO the original Recaro seat mounted the seat a bit too level/straight for me. I solved this by adding a couple of spacers to have the front of the seat a bit higher than standard.

    The Speedware brackets have holes that give you some room to move the seat to the left and right. I found that a test installation is the way to go, before finally torquing the bolts down.

    When you install the seats it's the easiest way to first have the rear bolts installed and then lower the bracket over the front mounting positions. There is very little space under the seat once installed so this way installation is most easy.

    A final remark. You will loose some room in the back for passengers (who cares) as the bracket runs further aft than the standard seats. As you cannot get your feet under the seat the rear passenger must really like if he want to sit there any longer than 5 minutes..

    I measured 94 centimeters room between the bottom of the seat and the sunroof lining and 18 centimeters from the top of the seat to the ceiling.

    Some pics:

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    great write up adwo. I have the wedge engineering brackets with my SRD's (old style brackets) and the car does sit fairly high. I am used to it as it's been two years, but I really miss the feeling of sitting on the floor like the stock seats had. I think it's time to buy some new brackets.

    Which brackets do you have on the bottom of the recaros? Mine are recaro brand, bolt to the bottom of the SRD, and have three holes each front and rear to mount it in a height adjustable manner. Do you know what I mean? From the pics it kind of looks like you are using different recaro brackets on the bottom of your seat



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      Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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        He has the non-height adjustable sliders so his brackets are different. If you want a low height with height adjustable sliders, get the new Wedge brackets ($60 each) and use a dremel to cut off the last hole on the end of each of the sliders and smooth it out. This way, you can use the lowest setting without the slider hitting the floor. What Adwo says about the SRD seat being too flat is true but you can add more bucket effect by raising the front and use the lowest setting in the back. I really enjoy the E30 M3 with the "old school" Recaro SRD seats, afterall they did come stock on the Sport Evo so they look right at home.

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          Do you have more leg room available over the stock seating?
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            Yes, there seems to be more leg room over the stock seating. The seat will now *almost* touch the rear seats...




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              Looks like I waited too long to get some SRD's. Anyone know where there are some left?



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                you can still get them, now they are called recaro speeds and they have bigger bolsters. Sure, it's slightly different from an SRD, but basically the same with bigger bolsters, and I think they are about $500 a piece.


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                  The SRD's are now called the Speeds. They have higher lower bolsters, but the shoulder bolsters are a little less pronounced. The head rest is also higher on the Speeds.

                  Unfortunately the Speeds cost more than the SRDs used to but Andrew T. can set you up with a good deal. He's a Recaro distributor who deals directly through Recaro and can get you custom fabric combinations if you like. I recently ordered a set in a fabric that is normally only avaible on the Sports. Even if the fabric isnt listed as a Speed fabric he can probaly help you out..
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                    Re: Recaro SRD installation with Speedware Motorsport brackets

                    That's sweet!

                    Any idea what the recaros + brackets weigh and how that compares to stock m3 seats?



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                      I ordered some (what should be VERY Sweet) custom seats from andrew a while ago too!! I expect them any day now!! :P

                      misses his e30 M3!

                      All of these are gone :(
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                        awesome write up. I should get these brackets
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