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Spark Plug Installation

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  • Spark Plug Installation

    I'm new to these m3's and I need some help changing my spark plugs. I bought some new spark plugs that I want to change but not sure really what to do. If you guys could help or post some pics I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

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    Pull spark plug wires (taking note of which go where), unscrew spark plugs with hardware in trunk, screw in new spark plugs with hardware in trunk being "medium tight"
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      Provided you have a complete toolset in the trunk that long thing on the right and the rod is the spark plug removal tool.

      They are deep as hell to get at so make sure you don't drop the new ones in the holes.

      Other than that a dab of anti-sieze compound on the threads will help getting them back out.

      Oh, and try a search. There are specific thin walled sockets that some people have for this procedure.