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  • Pulstar Spark Plugs

    Is anyone running Pulstar Spark plugs on their s14? Looks awesome on paper, but does it really work? If so, is it really worth $25 a plug?


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    you mean you don't want to be our $100 guinea pig? I remember when Bosch came out with a 4 electrode plug.. it was about $7.95.. people tried them and our car
    ran crappy on them.. Stick with the Bosch X5DC for stock, XR4CS for (modified) cars that run in the warm weather only. I believe some racers use an XR2CS but it is VERY finicky. There are probably some NGK fans out there with a plug that they swear by but I've been very happy with the XR4CS and I keep a set of those and stand by X5DCs in the track box.
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      Thanks for the chime in, but did u see how it works? It looks really efficient. I dont know what it is, but I think my car is running rich because of the Autothority Chip. If i were going to get a pulstar plug, wouldnt it burn all the excess gas, and essentially more power? and more info on the matter?


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        These cars tend to run rich, if its more efficient spark you are after do a coil on plug set up.


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          i didnt read about them, but i'm sure its just marketing bs.

          just like the "splitfire" plugs of a few years back.


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            Well guys, I can be the S14's officical Pulstar tester (since they offer 30 day smoney back guarantee) but they don't have a plug for S14 yet!
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