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  • spark plug wires

    didnt find anything on the search option. but my plug wires are bad, and the guy who looks at my car quoted me like $400 bucks. i called around and thats what most auto suply places want... is there any places that have them any cheaper? im not worried about which ones have the best performance at this point. any suggestions? thanks brothers.
    1990 M3/1998 M3 Sedan

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    Gustave sells a very nice set of Magnecor wires along with a new mounting bracket that minimizes crossfire issues that may be caused by the pretty-but-restrictive factory loom. Unless you're determined to keep a bone stock look under the hood, this is a great choice.


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      Nology has a nice set that I have been using, but yeah Gustaves are probably the best because of the loom.

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        im buying the ones from gustave's site. and yeah i dont care about the loom, mines broken anyhow =0) thanks guys.
        1990 M3/1998 M3 Sedan


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          I bought a set of Beru wires from Maxamillians last year. They were about 180 bux.


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            I purchased the magnacor wires last year and was indeed impressed by the build quality and performance, definitly worth the money


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              Just emailed Gustave for the wires.


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                Bought the EVO version from Bimmerworld for $149.

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                  I got my Nologys for 140 shipped...just find a place that sells them, and ask another place to beat there price. Usually since they are both getting from a distributor one or the other will do the price match/beat.

                  They seem gimmicky BUT I really like how well they are made, they handle high temps in stride. Iíll try and get around to dynoing these Vs. stock for fun before I tune my Alpha-N on the Dyno this week.
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