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sunroof leak question/problem

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  • sunroof leak question/problem

    hey guys,
    My sunroof is brand new. BUT when it rains the water will leak through and fall on me in the car...... So i found the problem:

    you see water will come threw alot of our sunroofs but then it is channeled to the right and left side of it which then takes it down threw that drain thats ends up belowthe fendor or door or something. After finding out what this. "channel" does i noticed that my car does not have this... so when the water falls in it, it falls directly into the car instead of into that "U" shaped channel....... do you know what this part is called and maybe how much it costs....
    P.S. if i knew what it was called i would do searchy on it....

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    "Rear Drip Rail"
    List Price= $35.75

    These do tend to rust. Once the water comes through the rear section of the sunroof seal it falls into this "rear drip rail"- The water is supossed to be channeled off to either side. When rusted, the water will just "fall" onto the sunroof section of the headliner. Check to see that you did not get any rust pieces in your sunroof drains as well- Carefully clear those out too. I have replaced a couple of these rails & they are not that bad to R&R- probably around an hour or so......

    Keep us posted
    Don McAdams
    1988 E30 M3
    "E30 M3 Owner & Enthusiast"


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      thanks alot for the help but get is not even there man... the rear drip rail isnt there.....hahah
      ill have to grab that from the dealer....
      thanks alot D///m3

      P.S. i have already checked the drains they are clear.....
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        I seem to have the same problem. When I purchased my car, the water frame channel bracket was removed and left in the trunk.

        Anyone know how to install this? I had already removed my sunroof and sunroof panel.

        Thanks in Advance.

        - Ryan

        M3 E30 | 318Ti Sport | 190E-16V


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          I know that this are horribly old posts but I thought I would put in my two cents as I have just conquered my leaky sunroof. I did have a drip rail but I found it jammed at the back of the roof. This meant that it was not coming froward with the sunroof and left me with cold drips down my neck.

          At some point the small arm that attached the drip rail onto the head lining had broken causing the rail to be left behind. I took off the sunroof (6 bolts), took the head lining out, replaced the arms, attached the old drip rail and put everything back together. Worked well albeit a but finiky getting the sunroof aligned again.

          Hope someone else can benefit from this!