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Soaked Carpet Rear Pass. Side

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  • Soaked Carpet Rear Pass. Side

    Ive done the searches and Ive read through the archives but none specifically apply to this problem. The carpet in the [b]rear[/u] passenger side is soaked, as if someone poured 10 gallons of water on it.

    Any ideas where this is coming from and if this is a serious problem? Thanks oh wise ones.

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    just curious if it could be related to the carbon fiber sunroof...

    did it rain recently?

    I think there are drains on front and rear edge (corners?) or sunroof


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      That actually could be it. The seal of the sunroof is shot. The car was also driven through the torrential downpour in New England last weekend.

      Perhaps I need to check the drains on the sunroof tracks.

      PO mentioned getting a one-piece seal. When I called the stealer he mentioned that the one he had listed was a two-piece.

      I think you gave me a great path to pursue though.


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        the leaks that occur up in the front related to the elephant trunk under the hood end up pooling behind/under the passenger seat due to gravity.


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          Gravity has bested me once again.

          I'll check the elephant trunk and the sunroof. This forum kicks ass!


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            While you're at it, take some thick weedwacker line or lightweight coaxial cable and ream out the front/rear drains in the sunroof.