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Water in trunk/boot

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  • Water in trunk/boot

    I did do a search and have found some intresting info.... But couldn't find anything on ''How to get the water out'' As to ''How it got there''

    Okay anyways, To my suprise I found a large amount of water to the left of the boot/trunk where the jack goes, I'm thinking it's rain water from a few weeks ago when I was giving a jump to a family member in the rain, And the car has no jack cover, So this is how I think it got there, Well I hope anyway, Ive tryed to scoope out as much as I can, But there is some still in there, I tryed to find a draining hole or somthing?, But can't seem to find one - So first off, How can I get the water out?, After that I guess I have to try and locate where (if it is) coming from.

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    I had water in the same place and found it was coming from a fastener up in the "C" pillar. You need to take off the trim from that side of the boot and put someone in there with a torch whilst you spray around the rear quarter glass area.

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      Wet & Dry (Vax) vaccum cleaners probably best way to get the water out as dont think there are any drain holes that side.

      Aren't the rear light clusters known for allowing in water if not properly sealed?
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        The rear tail lights may not seal anymore, and can allow water in. Simply remove the housing and use some strip of foam to reseal.

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          I just found water in the same place. Looked for hole drainer (sp?) but nothing at the sight, looked under the body and found a hole it was sealed with factory sealant, with a flat screwdriver perfored it a bit and done, the water will drain.

          But this is not the final fix, I will have to modify the drainer and the tube that looks like drive the water that get isndie somwhere and if flushed in the trunk somehow.
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