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Puddles of water in the driver's side after it rains

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  • Puddles of water in the driver's side after it rains

    I initially thought that these puddles were occurring because I just got my front and rear windshields replaced and the windows may not have been sealed properly. I went back to the glass place and we tried to locate the leak (using a hose) for about an hour. It turns out that the seal on the front windshield is fine. We noticed that the leak occurs whenever water enters into the outside vent on the passenger side. Has anyone had this problem before? Any tips/suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks a lot.


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    1990 M3/1998 M3 Sedan


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      dude i had a leak that collected under my driver carpet, by the pedals. and it turned out that the leak was coming from the front left fender area under the fuse box. check there for rust.

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        Remove the glove box and take a look up in the corner - its a fave rust area.
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          Make sure the plastic Vapor barrier behind the inner door panel on the drivers side door is sealing properly.



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            This occured to me on the passenger side, the intake vent for the HVAC system drain at the firewall for water is probably clogged with debris. Just clean it out. The drain is located on the passenger side of the firewall. Hope that helps.