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Sealent or rust?

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  • Sealent or rust?

    I am looking into buying Edwins e30 m3, he swears to me it isn't rust, and I beleive him, but you never really know what's going on untill you actually remove the windshield, is there any other way I can tell what's under there?? I really don't know why there is sealent there?? I know my old e30, it had a little locking strip that goes in there, do these use some kind of sealent (urethine)? Any advice would great!

    Thanks in advanced,


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    Windshields are bonded in, but every one I've seen has been with black adhesive, and no 'squeeze' out.

    You can pull back the windshield strip to reveal more.
    There is no lock strip on an M3 windshield.
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      Thank you,

      So if i pull up the strip, and look in there, and see no rust, you think I would be ok?


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        remove the driver's side wiper and then the little black grill/cover. Look in there with a small mirror and flash light.

        If you see no rust there, especially around the tiny (2-3mm) drain holes in the corner, you're ok.

        The yellowed stuff is definately not original but a later try to get it to seal properly. I dont think it's wind screen bond either.


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          looks fishy

          in my experience the previous owner decided to use some kind of goop (but he chose black) to hide the real problemo.

          the good thing is that it happens so often to these cars you can find someone who has done a handful of these repairs in the past.

          hardtailer makes a good point. just running your hands up there and feeling around should let you know whats going on.


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            It does look like some type of sealant to me, though.... Wierd. Let us know what you end up finding out.

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              just looks like a crappy window install


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                I beleive, AND HOPE it's just a crapy install, again, the owner (OLDTM3R) swears to me there is no rust, and I really do trust him, it's just the fact that again, you never know, untill you take of the windshield!


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                  The rubber seal on M3 is glue in on the glass side, but not the other side, so you can lift it up a bit by hand to see under it.
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                    Originally posted by ADA///M View Post
                    just looks like a crappy window install
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                      Well no one, including OLDTM3R, can know if there is rust under the strip unless it is removed or has been removed recently. However, that stuff in the picture is not rust.
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                        Nah, I think that's someone's attempt to fix a leak. 1) windshield glue should not make it out that far, and 2) it's black, not clear. If there was a leak and this is the 'temp fix' then water definately got between the windshield and the frame. You're likely to find rust as a result.



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                          That is what I was thinking, my # 1 main concern is rust being UNDER the windshield, I know the leaking stuff is not rust, but it's not urathine, (the black stuff used to put windshields on). The only logical reason why I think their would be glue or some kind of "sealent", is a attempt to fix a leak.


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                            Just an update... I ended up replacing the windshield to confirm there is no rust... and there isn't. Here's the pics

                            After taking out the old windshield but before cleaning off the old urethane

                            After taking off old urethane


                            Passenger side

                            Final product


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                              OLDTM3R ,

                              Nice work. Mystery solved and with a happy ending.