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  • Best source for new windshield

    I am probably going to get that little stink of rust fixed under my windshield this spring. But I have to be prepared to buy a new windshield as well. Anyone know the best mail order place to get one. I'm not too concerned with upper tints or crap like that, I need it to be cheap.

    I would consider a normal E30 windshield, but I'm not sure what other parts I need to make it fit. And for those of you that think I should get it from the dealer, the closest dealer is 3 hours and I'm not driving that far for a windshield. Any help is appreciated


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    I'm not sure if a new windshield comes with the gasket, but if it doesn't buy a new one. The old one may leak and the rust will make its way back.

    The glass may be cheaper at the dealer. Some glass places buy from the dealer, and jack the price up.


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      E30 ///M3 Windshield

      Dealer list price is $392 for the glass. The rubber gasket is another $25 & change. You can also source "aftermarket" glass for the car (without the Sekurit/ BMW logo on it). From my research, an aftermarket was about a $100 less than the dealer glass with 20% CCA discount. Not really worth it to me, I'd rather spend the $100 for an OEM glass & not have to worry about "aftermarket" glass issues. Not that the won't do, just that I'd prefer OEM.

      I will be pulling my glass as well, doing the same little rust spots as you. A very good product for rust (that we use at the shop) is POR15 ( Check it out, read up on it. Apply it before the glass goes back in to permanently stop the rust!

      Just my .02 cents-
      Don McAdams
      1988 E30 M3
      "E30 M3 Owner & Enthusiast"


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        Go to a dealer and get your glass. Simply there is no substitute for Factory glass. Not to mention getting it properly installed so that it is a structural part of the car not just layed over like the E30 325.

        DO the job right and you only cry once!