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OEM vs. Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber CF - evo wing

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    Originally posted by 88MPOWER View Post
    I want to get some opinions about what other people prefer whether getting an OEM or fiberglass/carbon fiber Evo 3 wing. I think this may be silly to ask but I want to see what happens. The thing i'm worried about is $$$, and buying an OEM wing is going to cost a lot of it, but is it worth it?

    And I found a company named MaShaw that makes Evo 3 wings either out of fiberglass composite ($550) & CF($650), including flap that only comes in CF. and thats about half the price of an original OEM wing. I just want to get some thoughts on what you guys have on your mind whether what you guys would prefer getting.

    I know the OEM may be more heavier and durable than fiberglass, but I don't know if an entire CF wing+flap will look good since i don't have CF at all on my m3.

    Heres there website if this helps, click on 'bmw catalog download':

    all comments are welcome:cheer2: .
    Hi, 88Mpower,
    I just got an Evo 3 wing from Markus from DE, and it looks like FG with a CF flap. It's perfect, and well made, more expensive than the replicas I've seen here. But it looks great, has the 8 mm mounting studs on the bottom that fit the trunk, and the wing has fasteners for three positions of the CF flap. You get what you pay for, if you're lucky. I'm going to paint the FG to match the rest of the car.