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New M3: How to check provonance

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  • New M3: How to check provonance

    Hi everyone. I've just bought myself an E30 M3. I bought it as an EvoII but it looks like it has a catalysed engine (I believe EvoII s were only ever non-cat) though it has the cut outs in the bootlid like a real EvII...

    I understand that you can check what the car really was from the chassis VIN, is this so? Can I do it myself or do I need to apply to BMW?


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    This will give you some information!! But there are many people on this and other forums who may be able to identify you car more closely!!


    Looking at the versions above could identify whether yours truly is and EVO II

    Another site could be interesting too is this BMW M Registry Also, looking at the list of members you should see the chassis no.'s which may be similar to yours and may have pics too.

    Good Luck - Do you have any pics!! Oh, perhaps you could try a main dealer or BMW GB customer services for more info on the chassis etc!
    E30 M3 - The Original Inspiration


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      Have a look at this. It should tell you if it really is a EVO 2
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        Thanks for the replies.

        Where can I find the VIN on the car? That way I can go out tonight and take a look at the real goods rather than go on the paperwork.

        The logbook is in german and is written in (unlike my 911 which has a printed sticker with the VIN and Engine numbers on).

        It says the car is a M3 Evo hat (hut?) and that it's number is 2191588.

        Later VINs from MOTs give it as WBSAK010002191588, which cross referencing from Steffen's link says it should indeed be an Evo II.

        I am suspicious in that case and must check up that a) the logbook matches the actual chassis VIN and b) that the engine number is from an original engine.

        Fox (still foxed)


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          Your number does refer to an Evo II. check out this thread for vin locations!

          If its imported from Germany, then I would guess that it could have been modified in some small way for personal taste! I would call BMW GB who will be able to confirm everything the car came with, extras, interior codes......this will help with your knowledge of the the way, your chassis no. would soon be imprinted because you will always be asked for it when ordering from the dealer.

          Get some pics sorted and we can all take a look!
          E30 M3 - The Original Inspiration


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            Get the engine number and code from the engine block. Its on the block under the starter motor. I'm sure the Evo2 engine code is 234S1. If you look next to the washer bottle under the bonnet , you'll see a black plate that has the VIN number , engine code , model code and paint code .Then cross check the engine codes.

            Engine codes are ...

            234EA is the 195 BHP engine in early cars
            234S2 is the 215 BHP engine in the late model cars
            234EA is the Evo 1
            234S2 is the Evo 2
            245S1 is the Sport Evo 2.5L engine

            The car should also have all the Evo 2 parts, like on this list I nicked from Bay area motorsports site .......

            As Standard M3 except.
            S14 Evo M-Power, Compression ratio 11.0:1. 220 HP at 6750 rpm, 181 ft. lbs at 4750 rpm, lightweight flywheel.

            Final drive:

            Front spoiler extension, double bladed rear wing, Macao Blue, Nogaro Silver and Misano Red, valve cover and and plenum painted in Motorsport colors,air ducts in front bumper.

            Silver cloth and silver leather on seats.

            BBS 7.5 X 16 aluminum rims with 225/45 ZR 16 tires front and back.

            Lightweight material in spoilers wings, rear and side glass, bumpers and trunk lid.

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              here you find the engine number (which should read 60424351 if it's the original engine)


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                Thanks for the info. I managed to find the VIN sticker without any problems (easy even for me)

                M3 234S1 236/3

                I couldn't seem to find the engine number, just "88" and "1308428.9" cast on the block, which I'm guessing is a casting number/part number rather than an engine number.

                I did look at the place shown in the diagram but it was dark and my torch rather dim so I'll try again when I can get some daylight... (i.e. weekend!)



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                  OK - the engine block by the starter motor (thanks hardtailer for the picture) has the following on it:

                  9904 N 099
                  23 FS 01

                  I admit it's a bit rusty and some of the figures are difficult to read, but there are definately two lines of figures and there are definate spaces as I've transcibed.

                  Fox (still foxed)