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How much are a set of valves worth?

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  • How much are a set of valves worth?

    In good condition?
    If everything seems under control, then you're just not going fast enough...

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    This space is a sanctimonious shit free zone.


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      I think typically used "wear parts" like valves are worth about half what new ones are. But for a set of used valves maybe less than that...I would hesitate to install used exhaust valves that I didn't know anything about, without at least a very careful inspection. You also dont' know if they will be in spec when installed in the head you want to put them in if they have been ground - you might have to grind the stem shorter (can you even do that with S14 valves?)

      A lot of people replace exhaust valves on any head they take off the car. Most of these guys have had an exhaust valve fail on them in the past...and don't want to repeat that experience..