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Breakdown - no clutch!

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  • Breakdown - no clutch!

    I can't imagine this is a common breakdown: while driving normally in traffic clutch springs down to floor and stays, car out of gear.

    Bolt laying on floor under dash, and clutch MC plunges in through firewall.

    Did the two bolts holding MC loosen over time?

    I haven't had a chance to check my theory, but am still worried.

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    not unheard of

    When I bought my car, the linkage to the master cylinder broke along with the metal bracket holding the pedals in place. Luckily I had just pulled into my driveway. It's a common weak spot in E30's, and is exacerbated by a worn-out/heavy clutch and repeated use.

    I can't remember exactly where the master cylinder is attached, but it sounds like the bracket has broken on your car or something came unscrewed. When you get in to fix everything, try welding some reinforcement to the sheetmetal bracket holding the pedal assembly together. I can get around to snapping some pics of what I had done if you want.



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      I suspect you are correct and thanks for the quick reply. I would appreciate those pictures when you have a chance. My Pedals are definitely still attached, although if this is a common problem, it probably wouldn't to reinforce whil I'm in there.


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        Looks like 2 of these are the culprit; all mounting seems to be intact and solid, but the MC is sans both of is mounting bolts.

        edit: well, one was laying on the carpet.