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OEM rods

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  • OEM rods

    Want to get input regarding oem rods.
    I am setting up for 2.5 and after much thought believe that spending 900 for pauter rods may be worthwhile compared to 5-600 to buy and recondition and install upgraded bolts on oem.
    My thought is that since spun bearings is a main failure, the oem rods must have some responsibility along with detonation and oil starvation.

    Yes, no or maybe???
    88M3 henna

    97 540\6-Gone
    2008 MINI Clubman S

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    I think the best answer you will get is a "maybe".

    The stock rods have survived quite well in MUCH hotter engines than you are likely to build, but on the other hand aftermarket rods can be had quite reasonably compared to the cost of obtaining and prepping stock rods.

    I used Pauter rods and feel good about my choice.


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      Do as earch, as John had a lot of good info on rods in a previous thread - I'm sure he is using original (new) rods in his monster.
      Scottish Cecotto