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Anyone know any good lawyers in Lexington, NC?

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    Josh, i know you want to be like your uncle, but come on! The judge here in Jax said he better not ever see me in his courtroom again because i've fought so many. But yea, NC sucks, so you better lawyer up, kid. Besides, i"ve never been written up for 30 over... they always drop it to 15 over so they dont have to haul me in. But man, 3 in the morning? probably no other cars, no cover? c'mon now, i taught you better then that!


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      That's what you get for going that fast. Don't cry about it. Suck up man and pay your price.


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        Hey now... all i asked for was a lawyer...not a pitty party.


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          Originally posted by Ironhead
          No offense E30M3power, but some of your advice is VERY least in California.

          Excuses NEVER work here. The judge will just roll his eyes and find you guilty.

          Once a ticket is turned in no cop can "hook you up" and get you off, unless he is able to convince the officer who wrote the ticket to go into traffic court and say either they remember nothing of the event or they were mistaken (probably perjury in both cases). Ain't gonna happen, trust me.

          Lawyers often do work, the problem is that in MOST cases they cost you way more than the ticket/insurance increase would.

          Your best bet is to avoid getting the ticket. Since we all drive fast at times, once you get pulled over your demeanor can be important. Never admit guilt, but for gods sake do not argue or be disrespectful. This cannot be stressed enough. The cop is human, and if you piss him off or he does not like you he will go over your car with a fine toothed comb and chickenshit you for every violation he can dream up. Your odds of getting off with a warning depend largely on what sort of cop stopped you.

          Dedicated City Police traffic unit: very very very slim...they will almost always write a ticket, but he may knock some MPH off if he likes you.

          State Police/Highway Patrol....your odds are better here but it is still likely you will get a ticket.

          City Police Patrol car (non-traffic unit). Fairly good chance the guy won't write a ticket if you don't piss him off. These guys have other things to do.

          County Sheriff Unit: Most of these HATE writing tickets...traffic is generally NOT their function and will not even stop cars for plain traffic unless you are flagrant or they suspect you are running drugs or something. Be cool and your chances of just getting yelled at are excellent.

          Basic tactics if you are getting a ticket and you NEED to beat it:

          1. Be low key, respectful, say nothing and do nothing that will help the cop remember the stop. Your goal is for the stop to be as routine as possible so that in court he will not remember the incident and will be relying on his notes. This is huge because most tickets don't go to court and most non-traffic units write terrible notes about their tickets. Of course, if you get stopped for going 100+ in a bright red M3 odds are pretty good he will remember the stop....

          2. If you have done the above, get a GOOD traffic attorney. If the cop does not remember the stop and has crappy notes, a good attorney can tear his testimony apart. They know how to play the game.

          By far the best advice i've heard on this matter. I've been clocked for 100+ in a 35 back in the day, and other offenses before i learned that driving like that is saved for the track... but regardless... being respectful with the cop is the best way to go... the only times i have actually received a ticket is when i tried to BS the cop about what i was/wasn't doing or why i was/wasn't doing it. Just give it to them straight, be respectful, and don't speed in places that are main thoroughfaires or highly patroled. This won't guarantee not getting a ticket, but i can say for certain that this will make your pain less intense if you do get stopped
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   Here are some NMA related atty's. One is in Charlotte. And to all who are showing this guy no love, let he who has never redlined even 3rd gear cast the first stone...